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In the area around our hotel, there are a huge range of activities to be enjoyed - whatever your taste.
Versilia is a varied landscape that lends itself to excursions including mountain climbing, long walks and bike rides. But the sea is one of the main events and relaxing on the beach one of the highlights of the area!
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From 10 to 25 June: Forte Children
Winx, Superwings, Masterchef Junior and Oreste Chestnut will be among the main events of FORTE CHILDREN
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From April 22 to May 12 -Devouring art, avant-garde art and gastronomy at Villa Bertelli
From July 1st to September 4th -Marco Nereo Rotelli exhibition at Villa Bertelli
July 8 -Red Riding Hood and Damaged Cloak, musical for children and more
July 15 -Peter Pan the musical, an evening for children of all ages
July 16 - Performance on stage at Villa Bertelli 

July 22 -Jack Savoretti
August 9 -Ermal Meta
10 August and 11 August -Francesco Gabbani
August 12 -Nek
August 16 -Francesco Renga
August 18 -Marco Masini
August 19 -Renzo Arbore and L'Orchestra Italiana
August 21 -Giuseppe Giacobazzi
August 22 -Max Gazzè
August 25 -Benji and Faith
Versiliana Theatre

11 August
Paola Turci
August 13
Fiorella Mannoia
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Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June, Children's Beach and Pineta E. Tarabella: Winx: village from 11am to 7pm and from 10am to 6pm to Children's Beach - show on Saturday at 9pm to Pineta Tarabella
Sunday, June 11, 21 pm Pineta Tarabella, 9 pm: Elisabetta Salvatori "travelling, stories in a suitcase"
Monday 12 and 19 and Tuesday 13 and 20 June, from 9am to 12pm: Coquelicot Laboratories
Monday 12 hours 18: Treasure hunt, edited by Galatea Versilia
Monday 12 and 19 June, Pontile, 9 pm: Cinema with children's films
Tuesday 13 and Tuesday 20, Municipal Library L. Districts, 6 pm: Born to read
Tuesday 13 and 20 June and Thursday 15 and 22 June, Pineta Tarabella, 9 pm: Theatrical performances, by Coquelicotteatro
Wednesday 14 and 21 June and Sunday 18 and 25 June, 9am to 12pm: Laboratories, organised by the "Mandala"
Wednesday, 14th and 21st June, 18am: Fairytale Suns, by Coquelicotteatro
Wednesday 14 and 21 June, City Library, 9 pm: Treasure hunt
Thursday 15 and 22 June and Sunday 18 and Monday 19 June, 6 pm: Laboratory with puppets
Friday, June 16 and 23, Piazza Marconi, 9-12: Animation, organised by the Nadir association
Friday 16 and 23 and Saturday 17 and 24 June, Piazza Marconi, from 18 to 20: Animation by the exhibitors of Piazza Marconi
Friday, June 16, Piazza Garibaldi, from 16 to 19: Masterchef junior with the winner Nicolo.
Friday 16 and Friday, June 23, centre, 9 pm: Street artists
Saturday, June 17, Piazza Dante, 19.30: Children's dinner
Saturday, June 17, Pineta Tarabella, 9 pm: directly from Rai Yo-Yo Oreste Castagna with "The Little Prince"
Friday, June 23, 18: Guided tours, organized by Galatea Versilia
Saturday June 24: Superwings
Sunday, June 18 and 25, at 9 pm: Puppet Show, edited by Gionata Francesconi

Saturday 10, Wednesday 14, Thursday 15, Saturday 17, Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 June, 9 am to 11 am
Sailing lessons, canoeing and surfing.
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Great open-air theatre: Giacomo Puccini
Puccini Lake Tower

July 14 -Turandot
July 15 -The swallow
July 21 -La Boheme
July 23 -Turandot
July 28 -La Boheme
July 29 -Tosca
August 4 -Turandot
August 5 -The swallow
August 10 -Tosca
August 11 -La Boheme
August 12 -Turandot
August 19 -Tosca
22, 23, 24 August -Notre Dame de Paris
June 14 -Green Day with Special Guest Rancid
July 4 - Imagine Dragons
July 8 - Ms. Lauryn Hill Special Guest Kamasi Washington
July 9 - Ennio Morricone
July 11 -LP & Rag'n'bone Man
July 12 -Erykah Badu & MaryJ.Blige
July 13 -J-Ax & Fedez
July 15 - Robbie Williams
July 21 - Flight
July 22 -Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
July 23 -Kasabian
July 29 - Panariello Conti Pieraccioni - The tour
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Lucca Comics & Games 2017
From 1 to 5 November

The slogan of this edition is Heroes. Not just comic books, electronic games, card games or role play heroes, but those who build and participate in the biggest European event community - its viewers. And just these heroes will be celebrated during the 51st year of Lucca: the enthusiasts. They will be the real protagonists along with their favourite authors.

Lucca Comics & Games 2017 is preparing to become an enchanted universe in which, to paraphrase David Bowie, each one "can be a hero, even just for ... 5 days!"
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Viareggio Carnival 2018
From January 27th to February 17th

Saturday, January 27, 2018
1st Masked Course, 16 o'clock

Sunday, February 4, 2018
2nd Masked Course, 15 o'clock

Sunday, February 11, 2018
3rd Masked Course, 15 o'clock

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
4th Masked Course, 17 o'clock

Saturday, February 17, 2018
5th Masked Course, 17 o'clock

At the end of the announcement of the winners, a final closing show
Lucca is a municipality in the province of Tuscany. Famous for its historical monuments and the intact sixteenth-century walls, it is a remarkable city of art in Italy. Officially of Roman origins, but in probable early settlements, Lucca retained its autonomy as an independent state for many centuries until 1799 when the ancient Republic was abolished following the French conquest by Napoleonic troops. The city is very popular with tourists. In recent years, quality wine houses have emerged in the area, especially in the area of Montecarlo (D.O.C.) and in the hills surrounding the city.
(Source wikipedia)
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Pisa is the sixth city of Tuscany by population size and it is part of a territory with homogeneous characteristics called the Pisan area, which with the nearby villages of Calci, Cascina, San Giuliano Terme, Vecchiano and Vicopisano, come to form an urban system of about 195 000 Inhabitants spread over 475 km². In addition, with traffic of nearly 5 million passengers in 2016, Pisa is home to the most important airport in Tuscany, Galileo Galilei.
According to legend, Pisa was founded by some mythical Troy refugees from the Greek city of Pisa, once in the river Alfeo in the Peloponnese.
Among the most important monuments of the city is the famous square of the Duomo, known as the Piazza dei Miracoli, declared a patrimony of humanity, with the cathedral built between 1063 and 1118 in the Romanesque style Pisan and the Leaning Tower, 12th century bell tower, today one of the most famous Italian monuments in the world due to its characteristic 'lean'.
The city is home to three of the most important university institutions in Italy and Europe, the University of Pisa, the Normale Superiore Scuola e la Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, as well as one of the offices of the CNR and other numerous institutes of research. (Source Wikipedia)

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Florence is the Italian capital of Tuscany and the centre of its metropolitan city with a population of 1 013 820 inhabitants. It is the eighth Italian municipality population-wise and the first in Tuscany.
The city of Florence is the heart of the Florence Metropolitan Area - Prato - Pistoia, is a conurbation that has more than 1 520 000 inhabitants.
In the Middle Ages it was an important cultural, commercial, economic and financial centre. It was the capital of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, from 1569 to 1859, with the government of the families of the Medici and Lorena. It was the capital of Italy from 1865 to 1871, after the unification of the country (1861).
An important UNESCO World Heritage Site it is considered the origin of the Renaissance and is universally recognised as one of the cradles of art and architecture, and renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to its numerous monuments and museums - including the Duomo, Santa Croce, Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Pitti.
(Source wikipedia)
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